We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and when your skin is looking good, it gives you that extra bit of confidence which makes you feel great. Here at Sinlen beauty clinic we understand how stressful life can be. When you're tired, busy and stressed, it can unfortunately show by your skin. We are here to help you achieve visible results that will enhance and rejuvenate your natural beauty.

Welcome to Sinlen beauty clinic


Sinlen Beauty Clinic was founded in 2011 by a fully qualified pharmacist, independent prescriber, cosmetic chemist. Our clinic's main philosophy is "looking your best make you feel better". We offer a wide range of services from prescription only to classic beauty treatments like waxing and masssages.

Our clinic staff are always on up to date training as we believe new knowledge will bring us a better understanding of beauty.


This year Sinlen cosmetics is proud to announce our new cosmetic range under the trade mark name, English Blooms. This natural and organic skincare range will give your skin a fresh and earthly feel to your body. 

Our company pharmacist will be happy to formulate any products for your needs. If you're interested, come in or call us to ask for a consultation.

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T: 020 8302 3234
Email: contact@sinlen.co.uk
Visit our shop at 3 Elm parade, Main road, Sidcup
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