Campbell de Morgans/Blood Spots

Electrolysis is a safe, effective, quick and affordable method of treating Blood spots. Also

known as Campbell De Morgans or Cherry Angiomas they are bright red spots, on the skin and

appear flat raised or dome shaped. They are shiny and red and can vary from the size of a pin head

to a 50 pence piece.

The cause of Campbell de Morgans is unknown but hereditary reasons and sun damage is often

cited. They are most common on the trunk of the body and on people over the age of 30.


A small probe will touch the surface of the skin, a slight burst of energy is expelled and a small

stinging sensation may be experienced. Large Campbell de Morgans can be stubborn and more than one treatment is sometimes required.

All moles need to be checked by your GP before treatment. Skin tags, Moles, Warts, Blood spots and Age spot removal 1 big or 3 medium or 5 small per treatment. Apply ant...
Skin Blemishes Removal
15 min
4 sessions of moles, skin tags, warts, keratosis, blood spots etc. removal treatment
4 Sessions (Skin Blemishes Removal)
15 min