PDO threads

 Polydioxanon (PDO) are a construction of a synthetic monofilament fibred thread that is strong and durable to use in lifting and rejuvenating skin tissue. The technique of inserting the threads is carried out by a fully qualified practitioner who will insert each thread under the skin to lift aging or saggy skin. To get beneficial results and depending on each individual client it is best to use a number of threads to achieve a good result. Once inserted the thread also promotes the reproduction of collagen that will continue to naturally lift and firm the skin.


PDO Threads were first used by Doctor Kim Dong Yoon when he was working in Korea. In 1995, using acupuncture needles and PDO Threads in the Acupuncture treatment of the back muscle, he found that this treatment stimulated weak muscles and back pain relief was long term. Over many years PDO Threads became very popular in other countries around the world and by 2014 this technique was rapidly becoming a proclaimed treatment. There are many different types of threads available for an effective rejuvenating method in aesthetic facials and body correction. Your Practitioner will advise which one is suitable to obtain the best outcome. Polydioxanon threads depending on their thickness can take 4-6 months to dissolve and will continue to boost the production of collagen in the skin. Your skin will continue to improve as more collagen is made naturally. The result of this breakthrough lifting technique is instant and long lasting!


What are the side-effects?

A PDO Thread Lift is absolutely safe and minimally invasive procedure. After the procedure you may experience swelling, bruising and redness. This is not a long term effect and usually settles within a couple of weeks. Not all clients are the same, some experience no side effects at all and see beautiful, lifted, rejuvenated skin. In very rare cases there may be an allergic reaction and a short course of antibiotics may be necessary. PDO Thread lifting has definitely earned its place as part of a skin rejuvenating treatment that can give you instant and long lasting results. A PDO Thread Lift is absolutely safe and minimally invasive procedure. 

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