Cold Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Infections

If you have thickened, brittle or discoloured nails it is likely that you have a nail fungus infection. Traditionally, nail fungus treatments consist of medicated creams, polishes or tablets taken orally, which don’t always have the desired effect. However, you can now have a nail fungus infection treated by cold laser, which is fast and effective.

What is cold laser treatment?

Cold laser treatment is a low light energy application and in this case, it is used as a non-evasive treatment for nail fungus infections.

Is it painful?

No.  Some people might feel some mild discomfort, but there’s no need to have any type of anesthetic.


Is it suitable for everyone?

Yes, adults and children can have cold laser treatment.

How is it carried out?

The laser is applied to the nail and the surrounding skin. The photons produced by the laser are absorbed into the nail and this eliminates the fungus.

Do I need to stay indoors or take time off work after the procedure?

No. you can carry on with your normal daily activities after the treatment. You won’t be in any pain or discomfort.


How do I take care of my nails after the treatment?

After treatment you may have to apply cream to your nail and your consultant will advise you how to look after your nails in the future.

Will I see a difference immediately?

You won’t notice very much until the nail begins to grow and then you will see the improvement.

Will I need more than one procedure?

You will probably need two sessions for each foot. Each session takes about half an hour to complete.