Non-Surgical Nose Reshape

When it comes to getting an improved nose -not everyone relishes the prospect of cosmetic surgery - so ... problem solved ! Welcome to a brand new and exciting alternative ...the non-surgical nose job ! This innovative new procedure now involves injecting small amounts of filler - which straighten it with the minimum of fuss. Indeed - if it’s the shape of your nose that you’re unhappy with rather than its size - then these fillers could well be the answer to your prayers. These miraculous “dermal” fillers can also help straighten nasal hooks, or to plump out areas or dents that could have been caused naturally or in an accident. A tip projection can also be carried out where fillers are inserted into the nose tip - giving it a wonderfully lifted appearance, better symmetry and more defined contours. Local anaesthetic cream is applied for approximately twenty minutes prior - and the whole procedure takes just another ten minutes! It’s also less expensive than traditional surgery and also has no unseemly side effects. So no scar formation or loosening of the nasal cartilage. The results are immediate and can last up to a year. All in all - a quick and painless path to the nose you always dreamt of.

As a new alternative to nasal surgery (surgical rhinoplasty), the non surgical nose job involves injecting small amounts of hyaluronic acid filler around the nose, which ...
Nose Reshape
45 min