Face Foam - The Fix Your Skin Has Been Waiting For

Keeping up to date with skincare is hard, we understand. Whether your cleanser leaves your face lingering with the aroma of chemicals, or perhaps makes your skin red and inflamed- it can be difficult to keep a routine with products that just aren't showing the results you desire. Nowadays, many people are turning to face foam in order to fulfill their skincare needs, without the hassle.

So, what is Face Foam?

Face Foam, unlike other cleansers, has the ability to revitalize the skin without the feeling that you're using too much or too little- the foam is able to unclog pores and lift impurities off the face gently, a trait that many other cleansers lack. Due to the consistency of the cleanser, you can easily apply and remove the foam without the residue which is notorious for drying our skin as the days and nights go by. Sinlen's very own Face Foam comes in both Aloe Vera and Rose, both equally as reviving as one another- a face foam you can trust to take care of your skin, knowing that you'll receive the results you desire. 

We take pride in the knowledge that our clients turn to us in times of cosmetic callings, and that's why we make sure to keep our products free of any harsh chemicals that can be found in face washes. Our Rose Face Foam contains Rosa Damascena Flower Oil, that has been proven to have a relaxing effect on the mind when inhaling the scent, and has antioxidant compounds that benefit the skin immensely. Hydrogenated Castor Oil has also been added- a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient which can tame and prevent acne. Not only that, but both of our face foams contain Coco Glucoside, a foaming agent derived from coconut oil and fruit sugar, which gives us the 'foam' in the first place, whilst conditioning the skin and cleanses your skin.

How do I incorporate Face Foam into my routine?

It's so easy to involve face foam into your daily routine, especially since it can be used in both the morning and night. Replace your old cleanser, and use it first before any other product. Make sure to splash your face with lukewarm water to open your pores, and pump the foam onto your fingertips twice, using gentle circular motions to remove any impurities or even make-up. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and watch as the foam simply washes off without any residue. 

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