PRP Boosts Women’s and Men’s Health and Performance

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is not new to various industries like dentistry, cardiac, and sports medicine, however using it to improve skin, restore hair growth, rejuvenate sexual function in men and women is very new to the Edmonton area. Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the Vampire Facial, Facelift, Hair Restoration, O-Shot, and P-Shot provided advanced training to External Affairs Medical Team. We are thrilled to offer these services to the Edmonton and St. Albert community!

PRP uses the body’s own growth factors to stimulate stem cell regeneration to restore healthy skin and blood vessels. The stimulation of stem cells can help to enhance collagen as stem cell are attracted to aged tissue, and aid in the body’s natural healing process as they increase the blood supply in the treated areas. New tissue is formed as the stem cells and growth factors begin to work and are drawn to the Plasma Rich Protein.

The Vampire Treatments are an excellent option for women suffering from stress incontinence – you know that annoying little habit of peeing when you sneeze, laugh, or exercise! It can also aid women suffering from vaginal dryness, painful sex, anorgasmia, and loss of sensitivity. Vampire treatments are also available for men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

These treatments are called the O-Shot and P-Shot. The O-Shot and P-Shot use Platelet Rich Plasma; which is found in your own blood, it is then injected back through anesthetized, painless injections. Woman and men will start to notice results about 3 weeks post treatment and will continue to experience improvements over the next 3 months.

For women, the side effects are improved clitoral sensitivity, thickening and strengthening of the vaginal wall, improved sensation during sex, and esthetic improvements. Side effects for men may include penile growth in size and girth. for women, 15%, experience an increase in sexual desires for a day or so after receiving the O-Shot. There have never been any negative side effects reported from the O-shot or P-shot treatment. Before considering surgery, try the O-Shot and P-Shot for a natural solution to any of the concerns we have mentioned above.

Comparable to most health issues, male and female sexual dysfunctions are on a continuum leading to a progressively more diseased state until they eventually reach a point of no return. The increase in television commercials for diapers and panty protectors for women, as well as, Viagra and Cialis commercials for men, speaks to these widespread issues. Which is also why early treatment is recommended. Not to mention, the O-Shot is 95% effective at relieving stress incontinence and the treatment can be completed in an hour by our Medical Staff.

Purchase one PRP treatment and receive a second PRP treatment, of equal or lesser value, for 1/3 of the cost.

External Affairs Medical Spa has been operating since 1995 is one of Canada’s leading clinics in cosmetic injections and corrective medicine. Offering a wide variety of services including facial rejuvenation, injections, permanent make-up, health and longevity, laser hair removal and spa services, External Affairs is known for its progressive education and pushing the bar of excellence. External Affairs will always continue researching, harnessing new technology, and finding new ways to give client’s a better treatment, in a more efficient way.

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