Terms & Conditions

We believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way and when your skin is looking good, it gives you that extra bit of confidence which makes you feel great. Here at Sinlen beauty clinic we understand how stressful life can be. When you're tired, busy and stressed, it can unfortunately show by your skin. We are here to help you achieve visible results that will enhance and rejuvenate your natural beauty.



From 1st January 2017 all appointments over £100 will require a deposit of £50. Without a deposit we will only be able to offer walk-in treatments. Once you’ve had your treatment, your deposit will form as part of the total payment or transferable vouchers.

Cancellation Policy


Sinlen beauty clinic has a 48 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. If an appointment is missed, cancelled or changed with less than 48 hours’ notice, your deposit will be non-transferable. We understand that there are many things that come up in our day to day lives. While truly sympathetic, we cannot absorb the financial responsibility of last minute cancellations. If late, the time is deducted from your treatment.

Our company pharmacist will be happy to formulate any products for your needs. If you're interested, come in or call us to ask for a consultation.

Gift vouchers


A perfect gift for all occasions, gift vouchers are available to buy in store. They have a 6 month expiry date from purchase. Gift voucher treatments are subject to our usual booking & cancellation policy. Failure to give at least 48hrs notice will result in your voucher becoming invalid